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All stupidity ends here

I am it's dead-end.

Dead End
16 August
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Hi. :D I got this LiveJournal from my WONDERFUL friend, Mana! (I'm keeping this up long time)

~*If you have love for Chris Duffey copy this sentence and put it in your profile*~

Hey...I'm Mel. I'm this 19 year old guy from South Carolina, and I live off of videogames, friends, and my small 5GB music collection. I'm currently bored, and I'm always bored, regardless to what I'm doing.

*takes a second to play a different song*

Okay...like, 60% of my music collection is japanese influenced...mostly rock music. Don't have a favourite, but many bands right now that make my head go bang. Dir en grey is accomplishing this at this very moment, and -- oh shit, song change...now it's Kagerou. Whatever, it's working. :D

Oh yeah, and I play guitar (starting to prefer the bass tho), although I've been slacking off VERY MUCH as of late...I've neglected my guitar so much, I can barely play it... :(

Okay, my brain stopped thinking, so I'll stop herthaosiduoasdfudsoafdu89008#

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