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11 February 2006 @ 02:20 pm
WTF is going on here: Initial D - The Movie  
Okay look, I like racing...so when I started reading Initial D, it was really badass, you know? To see a Corolla Trueno AE86 take out all those higher horsepower cars is pretty exhilirating. But that's not all that was great about the manga...the story itself was very nice. The characters (especially Itsuki and Koichiro) were pretty funny, and deep at the same time.

So I'm browsing the internet, and I come upon a Chinese remake of the manga. A live action Initial D. So I figure "Hey, what the fuck. It can't be too bad...there's no bloody way they could take such a good series and fuck it up." So I sent the seller the twelve dollars he wanted, and got my DVD in a week. EBay is the sweetest fucking service ever.

I got giddy when I saw the package in the mail, and almost immediately, I ran to my room, opened it up, and popped the DVD in my player. I was treated to some nice scenery, including the five hairpins of the Akagi Downhill mountain. I was pretty stoked. The first scene introduced us to the Red Sun's rotary brothers, Keisuke and Ryosuke.

I will say that these two are the ONLY two characters left alone.

Everyone else has pretty much been changed to "fit the movie." Some of the events in the story also happen at different times in order to "fit the movie." I do like how they did the racing, they show everything: from the steering, gear shifting, left foot braking, clutch work, all that good shit. Everything else, however, wasn't really that great. The entire SpeedStar team is a big disappoint to me: Itsuki is NOT the leader of this team, and he is NOT an asshole like they depicit him in this movie. Where the hell is Koichiro and Kenji? :(

All in all, this movie could have been better. Let this be a lesson to all anime fans that most live action adaptions are mostly crap.


(might update and add more later, in a bit of a hurry)
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